i was scuba swimming in my pool today, dec 6, and i got the idea to do "iceswimming".
later, i was on manhunt to find the man of my dreams (tic) and learned a purse falls from my mouth when i speak.
i had to address that.

iceswimming deters my silent cries
the photographs of your past joys make my tears take hold
learn of my cash, though, and you dis my tone
never a real life i've seen, no living without hurt
still you're smoke and mirrors (when) i've brought up my thirst
for your sparkle and your sparkle and your shine

iceswimming deters my silent cries
you talk of all your dealings with your friends
i talk of things i know, the things i get that cost
expensiveness, i laud them, i can't not seem elated
these things, they take the place, relationships unmade

iceswimming, remembering my life is never something good
my mind ignores the truth, the stuff i can't recoup
bide my time with moreness to drown depression once
i might like a friendly love, i'm not alive, i'm swimming

dudes will mock and bruise me
do i have too much?
dude, i bought my new things
with the tragic happenings, was so nearly dead
i'm living

your photographs, my cents
everything spites something better
iceswimming deters my spiteful life, deters my silent cries

* tic is my abbreviation for tongue-in-cheek *

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