i was on manhunt in minneapolis, without any word of my site in my profile, and this guy emails me. i didn't answer, and a little later, he mails back and says "guess they were right about you...good luck being hiv+". see, my contact page on my site has said i am hiv positive, because i get too many “I wanna fuck you” mails.  that's the lie queers spread seemingly all around minneapolis.

in the words of don henley, "this year notoriety got all confused with fame".

in the words of david lee roth "woooooooooooooooooooooooowwww"

i have dreamed about it, word i've been recognized
i'll do nineteen backflips, queers love to go spread my lie
i come armed with my pride, let my cool site get out and rile the township
may your seedy judgements soon get the large public-eye

you told the public, i controlled your speech, and
i need you, so please go monkey with my business
you aim to scoff me, it justifies my being
i hear your promise to expose my weakness

that's why you're making my bed


girls who see hate-speeches, will mourn with voices annoyed
dudes whose free-speech shakes up, tell me i must be destroyed
grand notorious slam - yeah! and i really get them mad
scorn will rape the faggots
don't ask me to weep about it, i need my time occupied

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