if i'm a few pounds from my target weight, even after i use my shower-dong and lose the poop-weight...

gone up a bunch, my weight has grown
i'll fret although the shame will go
don't eat nothing cal'rie-strong, be part-time vegan
if eating things like meat or fries
the next day, know you'll rise in size
so green your food, be part-time vegan

be an an'mal-loving act'vist on day one
shaping up to fill-up on junk
eat no tasties one day, once you're in-line
know that you're not wrong to eat what's alive

if i offend some greenie-freak
or bash his prideful me-me-me
know the bulbs go green for part-time vegan
but it's not done for energy,
environment or damn greenpeace
so then i go green, so cheaply to light dark-night's reason

be enviro-loving act'vist if you must
saving mo-ney's a better lust
i'm still saving to make day of the night
oh, is it so wrong i need this much light?

i've got something that i must tell
last night Algore rang my doorbell
said, "you're just not cool, you part-time vegan"
and Strongwoman called my exchange
said "it's not funny, being raped"
i guess i have gained some fame
i've rocked their bein's
q is me, part-time queerin'
but meat is neat, part-time vegan

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