To Whom It May Concern ,

hello. my name is dylan. you will be able to identify the server who discriminated against me at smokey bones by my check, where i wrote "i waited too long for a refill" or something like that, right in the tip space so i could justify my not leaving a tip. i call on you to find that check, locate my server, and punish her. i understand how islam is not totally embraced in the USA, and that installing an islamic rape-room in your restaurant would be out of the question, but she needs to be punished.

first, i was totally offended by my server wearing a short-sleeved shirt, exposing her miss piggy arms - layers of fat abound. this should not be tolerated at your restaurants, either tell the blimps you hire (who should really not be around food on the job), to get in shape or to wear unrevealing clothing. nobody wants to see this type of smut while they are eating - it is unattractive - especially on women, when women are supposed to provide a sense of exotic beauty to the workplace.. it does not take physical strength to lose weight, therefore the goal should not be seen as "out of reach" for the "strong women" at your workplace.

second, she came once to take the order, once to bring the food, and as i was eating, i ran out of water but she did not come back to ask if everything was alright until i was finished and was ready to leave. i was very thirsty, so much that i would have even swallowed her "love juices" to quench my thirst, even though she was old, fat, and female. i just didn't think i could force her pants off, because she was so fat. it's no wonder that women are so scared of wearing dresses nowadays, they must hide the token of submission between their legs with jeans and/or baseball caps to give them a sense of being as competent as andy pettitte or any other athlete people look up to.

i can understand how you must have more female employees than male employees, simply because of the spiteful "womens' groups" who will sue at the smallest inkling of masculine superiority. that being said, your company must not hire women "willy-nilly" by assuming that every Strongwoman is strong enough to handle the anti-woman "" diversity that my online corporation represents. You should not just assume that Strongwoman won't let her self-piteous feelings get in the way of her job. and i say "self-piteous" because i did or said nothing offensive to her, what made her provide terrible service was the fact that i am the representative of the website, and her freedom of speech does not tolerate speech that violates her flaccid sense of pride.

this website, which alerts the unknowing public of the incompetence of the female servers at any local restaurant such as yours, is just a website. but i am a person who said nothing offensive to her - i simply experienced terrible service because she is too weak to swallow her pride and do her job, in the face of anyone who is unlike her. i feel she, like other obama-supporters, is a self-piteous lowlife who feels life owes her something. and she's over 35, working amongst 25 year-olds making a way through college, because she's been waiting for "her share" since she was 25 when she decided against preparing herself for a job that could make a decent salary and earn "her share".

i have logged my experience today onto, though i feel i know why i get so much harassment from any Strongwoman server. it is because i have sent so many letters like this one, to area restaurants, and word has gotten around amongst the "chatty cathys" of the area. this is a nice upscale area, but it's got subsidized housing and trailer parks nearby, so i guess white-trash gossip-girls would come with the territory.

in closing, let me just say this: i feel that if one's pride prevents her from being subservient, then she should not get a job as a server at a restaurant.

eyes like twins vs. arms like blimps

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