i was looking at my shirtless self in the mirror again, having yesterday eaten almost nothing but frozen vegetables on top of frozen spinach - microwaved, of course.  i lost at least a pound.  137, thank you, thank you.  i remembered when i lived in frederick and "hooked up" with someone who lived in reading pa.  his stomach was flat, and he told me that he didn't work out.  "it's what you eat," he said.  those words went through my mind as i admired myself in the mirror.

here, here is my story of sacrifice, i love super-size
don't you know it's quite easy when you want a smaller behind

that's right, you see, lose five - it is what you eat
be minding what you eat, baby

don't you say "that's baloney," you need lift weights if what you want is strength
ain't no sense to join the Y, when all you want's no rolls 'round your waist

that's right, you see, lose size - it is what you eat
be minding what you eat, baby

hey, won't you listen, this is just the sense of it all
don't thrillseek, you'll be slimming, need not eat to fill-up, need no treats

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