intolerant dylan needs tolerant friends

this was a craigslist ad i posted.  yes, i was hoping for responses, but i post on craigslist for advertising purposes.

Educate yourself... You might find a hobby much more fulfilling than bashing those unlike yourself. Do not take this as a negative comment. Seriously once you pin point activities that you enjoy personally (outdoors, sports, reading, cooking, whatever) then your circle of friends will grow easily and rapidly.  An more simple route to take... just get out of the house.  You will attract those similar to you and you will be able to point them out in the crowd as well.  I am no professional but I was intrigued by your honesty so I thought I might respond.  Good luck

hmn.  "educate yourself" - does that have any meaning, or is it just the common "elite" mind-set, painting a scarlet Unenlightened on everyone who harbors anything resembling those antiquated values of old?

and i'm not bashing those unlike myself.  i am bashing myself, you'd say, since that's what you say to alcoholics who want to overcome their alcoholism.  or, is that not the kind of self-help you have a problem with?

i bash people whose eyes light up at naked members of their own gender, oh - that's me!  i like to see men naked, or at least with their shirts off, hairy armpits have been a discovery zone for me ever since i was a young boy in the locker room, feeling less a man because i was a late-bloomer under there.  that's how it all started, my physical inability to justify myself a "real man" - but the psychological dates back further.

now, just because i say "justify yourself" and this whole website ridicules masculivoids, doesn't mean i'm standing on a soap- box with a 'holier than thou" attitude.  i'm not holier than anythou, though i may be sexier than manythous and certainly humbler than homothous - and even more eccentric than house, this is what i have learned at dylquesne university and - well, don't you ever yell at bad drivers or blog your opinions and/or your disgust with pre-customized christianity?  it's the same thing.

anyway, i've pinpointed an activity that keeps me occupied.  actually, i spent the whole day inside today.  i didn't even go to the post office.  in the back of my mind, i hear jakob dylan as he sings "i got, i got everything i need".  i guess i got-i got one thing that i need - friends - e-friends are my style, like john in indiana - we chat everyday while he's supposed to be working.  over the years we've surely gotten to know each other.  that's how i wanna make friends - i guess it's good that he lives so far away from me, because if he was closer then he'd have taken my keeping to myself as something against him.  and we wouldn't still be in each others' lives.

i love my life, i love staying in, i love being interesting enough to wanna be around me all the time.

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