here is a letter to peta i wrote about their "have sex" commercial:

Hello, I guess you know that Bill O'Reilly featured on his show, your commercial about parents instructing kids to have sex. "Nail everyone you can," said the dad to his daughter. I have a problem with this commercial, not because I am a puppet of Bill O'Reilly, but because you are attributing masculine characteristics onto females. As if they're not all a bunch of masculine wannabees already, you're adding to their delusions of grandeur.

Girls get nailed, girls do not nail anyone. Even if girls straddle the man, being "on top," they are still GETTING nailed. Even if girls are raping guys who are turned on enough to be sporting a hard-on, they are inserting the nail into themselves. During sex, the vagina is not aggressive, it is passive and screaming for something nail-shaped, or phallus-shaped, to enter it. I have never been inside a vagina, but I know that its design was intended to NURTURE the penis to climax, engulfing and massaging it all the way around to bring about ejaculation and semen and conception. I feel silly explaining vagina, as there is no need for deliberation, it's an open and shut case.

I realize that your commercial was regarding spaying and neutering of pets, I am a definite advocate of this, it's just your misunderstanding and/or spin of gender and gender-roles that ruins the commercial for me and the people who do not buy into the Strongwoman propaganda.

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