this is an update on my life as i see it.  maybe i should have done it on the first of january, it's the 12th now.

i am 137.6 pounds, for the past 3 or 4 days i've been in the 137s, weighing myself downstairs in the mornings before eating.  i used to have to stick the shower dong up my butt to loosen poop so that i could take a dump in order to reach my target 137, but i didn't even have to do that.

i do bodyweight exercises: i do pull-ups, 10=12, i do one-legged squats, sometimes i do sit-ups (the abs are more a muscle for looks - they can't actually be useful.  there is no joke about Strongwoman here, or her inclusion in the armed forces.

i do a combo bicep curl, shoulder-press - i grab a 30 lb dumbbell, from down at my sides i curl them up in front of me, then i press them up above me.  i can do 35 lbs for maybe 5 or 6 reps, but i will continue with 30 until i can do 8 or 10 comfortably.  oh, i do push-ups, 15-20.

those are the exercises i do must.  well, besides using my "treadhill" - a treadmill propped up on a bucket a joint compound.  i walk that, or walk it in a near-sitting position, which works my legs more.  that's uncomfortable, so i only do a minute here and there while i'm on it.

oh, i'm saving a lot of money.  i don't go out much, i am actually afraid to, having gotten a ticket for a made-up reason ("you ran a red light" "it was yellow" "my light was green, it couldn't have been yellow" "if your light was green then why did it take you a third of a mile for me to even see you 500 feet in back of me").  but, not going out and getting past-due rent from my roomie, leaves me with money to save at the end of the month.  oh, what i wrote about last year also - how my ymca membership is 16 dollars and since i joined a y more than 50 miles away i can use any y around me.  and i save on gas.  and my electric bill is going down, like aerosmith in an elevator, with the fluorescent lights i use.  i light up the outside at night, my bedroom light on mostly all day, i turn my 65" tv off when i am not using it as a momitor (i even have a timer on it in case i forget).  that's me, the saver.

i am looking to get my pool heater and filter fixed, so that i can buy a wetsuit and swim in the winter for exercise.  i have been looking for pool enclosures, but they are just too damned expensive, unless you get a pool dome, which is alright but can blow away.

i've been writing a lot of songs lately, averaging out to one-a-day, this year so far.  i have like over 300, which is quite a feat.  i do what i can to call attention to my website, use 30something screennames to enter into 2 chatrooms a screenname, and when someone messages me (my pic, or a pic of a hotman at the beach) then they are told that to chat with me, they need to answer a question that they have to go to my website for.  when i got the ticket, i emailed police stations, aclu offices, lawyers, saying that it was a bogus ticket written because they are angry that i wear Strongwoman bashing shirts all the time advertising my offensive website.  i send from a address.

what else is my life?  oh, i sing a lot, i am pretty good-sounding.  i don't have a range like mariah carey, but i can sing a low note, sing the same note an octave higher, then another octave higher (this borders on what i think is called "head voice"), then i can do another octave into falsetto.  so that's pretty good.  singing along with my mp3s, i have a choice of singing in a lower ranger or an octave higher.  they both sound good, sometimes i have to strain for the highs on the higher end.

i thought my stereo shorted out or something, so i got a receiver off ebay for my computer's sound.  i got it for $35, including shipping and a component cd player.  i got it from a "power seller" with a high approval, so i thought it would work alright.  and it did.  so, now i'm all about buying stuff on ebay with the money i am saving.  maybe i should get one of those sauna/steamroom/shower contraptions for my bathroom.  no, i'll just get my pool working, maybe i'll put a hot tub down there.  i hear they are not a lot.

socially, i am still as reclusive.  nobody is approaching me to chat.  well, this one kid did, maybe he was 25, at the grocery store to approve of my "save a fetus, abort a feminist" shirt.  i just accepted his approval, i didn't know what to say or how to ask if he wanted to be my friend.  that's the way it always is. when i was at the retard-home in nashville, the owner/operator had a private recording studio.   i want one.  i want to sing, i want to act, but i don't want the responsibility of actually having to adhere to a schedule, be it for band or play rehearsal.

sometimes i want a naked man next to me while i'm in my bed using my computer.  but then i look at mr. hairy chest online, hump the mattress through my jeans, and i'm okay.  i think i'll do that now.

see ya.

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