let me just clarify that you have no chance of wagging your finger at me, bitch.
open your eyes, people!

I AM THE ANTI-GAY CYBERSTAR...it's just who i am
illuminati conspiracy - gay activism and Strongwoman
I MOCK ANTI-CHRISTIAN VALUES...it's just what i do
illuminati defector tells all

EXPLAINED: 2014 grammy awards, black mass/wedding
EXPLAINED: madonna's black mass at the superbowl

if i were god, i'd be insulted to know that one of MY masculine creations is seeking a perfect masculine creation
if i were satan, i'd relish in the "play-doh" kind of customizable god that gays are promoting and society is embracing

if i were female, i'd buy play-doh or testosterone-shots to give my biceps the illusion of "anything a man can do"

i am aware there is a jesus symbol up top, where there is also a middle finger.  i am aware this site oozes profanities.  i am aware that this site bashes part-time christians who go to gay "churches" which support abortion.  i am aware that this site can be deemed as racist, as well as any other "ist" word your group-identity can think of.

i am aware of all these things.  i am also aware of the world i live in.  it is not little house on the prairie, and laura ingalls would not stand a chance in the same time-slot as desperate housewives.  or anything featuring chris rock's mouth.  "write what you know," is what they say, and having been submerged in the pop culture since 1984, what i know is obscene.

i do believe in the father, the son, the holy spirit ...and the dirty mind.  what do you get when you cross god with porn?

jagged little dyl     jagged little dyl

the bite of the apple in the garden of eden the bite of the apple in the garden of eden
facebook's zuckerberg...real name jacob greenberg...lots of illuminati stuff...rockefella, rothschild, new world order
mind-control - the ultimate terror
michael jackson may have blown the lid off mkultra (mind control)

it took you 11 years to figure out that you were born gay? your dad knew that you had two feet, two eyes and two legs, though, ever since you were "born gay". but it took 11 years of living to figure out that you were "born gay"...11 years of experiencing life and forming opinions...11 years of movies and music and school...11 years is a long time to realize that you were gay 11 years ago.

you say that you're more man that i'll ever be, yet you're a masculivoid who needs masculine intimacy to feel complete

here's a page on how to increase the number of people who'll live a long time before realizing that they were "born gay"

gays and satanism (a video)

big, long page of michelle obama's hand sign, damning the troops, and links galore

Satan's 10 commandments to the homosexual lobby

ex-gay drag-queen gets death-threats from little gays who call him a "traitor"

a cure for satanism (at least homosexuality)
celebrities say the occult-est things
whitney houston: blood-sacrifice

A Dr. Gangdev of the Community of Mental Health Services in Tokoroa Hospital of New Zealand actually confirmed that demonic possession due to Hollywood/Music was an authentic threat to mental health and instead of simply pushing pills to cure mental illness, he realized that Hollywood was able to create unstable emotions in the public via demonic media rituals. 1998 Dr. Gangdev started performing Rites of Exorcism, in a medical establishment, but he disguised these exorcisms under a psychiatry term called cognitive restructuring/thought stopping. So, it isnít like the Anglo Medical Establishment does not understand the power of the Hollywood Illuminati and its effects on young minds all over the world.

selling one's soul to the devil

( madonna got me started on researching satanism in music - google MADONNA SATAN)
here are a bunch of satanic entertainers, some who have died and some who are advocates for suicide

elton john< (toni braxton says "just another gay say'tnist")/a>
kurt cobain, the gay satanist
marylin manson (if you want to read about true hatred, hate-speech, etc, read this)
michael jackson (interesting)
evils presley
miley cyrus (gee, what a total shocker)
michael w. smith (who would have ever thunk it?)
amy grant (i've run into a few christians who've no respect for her)
shania twain (how could anyone possibly discover the amount of numerical symbolism on this page)

yeah, i also searched for prince's illuminati connections, but i just wanted to keep reading about him and didn't take time to copy any links. i just typed "and links" instead of "any links," i wonder how many mistakes are on my site, even after i started using the "spellcheck" program that underlines what seem to be misspelled words as i type.

the vagina obama (plus bush, clinton, others giving the satanic hand)

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now