fran drescher is a jewish bigot. on "the nanny," every time there was a guest-star (dan akroyd, brian setzer, joyce brothers, jon stewart, marvin hamlisch, sally jesse raphael, bette midler, the list goes on...), they were jewish. "she's our leader," fran said to sylvia about barbara streisand. the show is full of jewish indoctrination - jewish dialogue, jewish customs, sure, a celebrity can embrace their religion, but it happens so often on "the nanny". it's all a bunch of anti-christian propaganda. sure, the sheffields were christian, and there were one or two christmas episodes ("oy to the world," taking a christian song and interjecting jewishness into it...hmn, just the title reminds me of islam's "convert or die" command), but it still rubs me the wrong way.
here are my flash works featuring the nanny's laugh   i wrote a parody of "the dolphins cry" in their honor
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