i was pulling out of my "parking for pregnant women" spot at giant eagle, i didn't recognize my new heart-throb who was in the car facing mine and only one parking spot down. i just saw a man in a tank-top...so i just waited until he got out of the car. i love men in tank-tops.

he was doing something in the car, he was occupied, so i thought i'd stay there until he got out. then i thought he knew that i was waiting for him to get out and that is why he was not getting out. he was occupied doing something, so i was drinking the iced tea that i bought and i was looking through the back window of my car to see if any other men in tank-tops were passing.

i was looking all around, kind of forgetting what i was there for, and i look at his car to see him getting out with his work-clothes on. it was then i recognized my hero. "oh, my," i thought, "i just saw his barenaked shoulders". he is a big man, he looked so young as he was looking down and occupied with whatever he was doing.

"college girls," said the blind man on an episode of "the nanny," "excuse me, i'm sorry, i didn't realize".

well, now i know what time he starts working...so i know when not to go. i don't usually go after 12pm anyway. call me a fool, but i'm sure he saw my car as he started parking. i am sure he saw me stop pulling out of my space after i saw a hunk in a tank-top. he was fiddling for a while with something in his car, maybe trying to avoid getting out while i was waiting for a full-frontal of him in a tank-top. then again, i don't know what he was fiddling with, but a few minutes later i saw him dressed in his work-attire...so he probably wasn't waiting for me to leave before he got out. he was just doing something. when he was out of the car in his work-clothes, i realized who he was and i was...well, flabbergasted. i saw his barenaked shoulders. :)