well, i guess he just started working at the cranberry township giant eagle, he's always so confidently twirling a keychain at the front of the store, i'd say he's a manger. his presence makes my jaw drop, though i cannot speak to him unless he says something to me. kinda like jackie when she said, to donna i believe, that she can't let hyde know that she likes him unless she knows he likes her.

the first time i saw him, i was awestruck. i saw him today when i went to buy draino, he's taller than me and wow are his shoulders broad and manly-looking. i saw watermelons when i was leaving with the draino, bought one, and i must say that i really love to look at him (from afar - not up- close - and again i will bring up jackie).

i got home and realized that i wanted to buy large pickles a few days ago, pickles have zero calories and emough large ones can replace a meal. so i went back, i got the pickles, i was doing the auto-checkout and i thought he was staring at me with another cashier. i wouldn't look up, i only stare at him from afar, he reminds me of the clerk at the frederick (maryland) mailboxes,etc, the one who saw me arrive in the parking lot and delivered my computer out to me. i didn't say anything but "thanks for bring my computer out". i think that i'm the greatest but it's so hard for me to think that anyone that i take an interest in will be interested in me. i wish i had a picture of his face, i want to masturbate after thinking about him.

besides, how dumb would it be to speak to him when i'm buying a bottle of large pickles? if HIS pickle matches the rest of his manly body, it's as thick as the dill pickles. maybe he wants to suck dyl's pickle. ha.

i remember mike natiello in 5th grade who said a quick "hi, danielle, i love you, i wanna hump you". he didn't say it right to her, i guess a bunch of people were around and talking, and danielle probably didn't hear him. i thought of that when i was in my car..."hi, danielle, i love you, i wanna hump you". "hi, big pickle, i love you, i wanna hump you".

i'm just going to masturbate. i wish i had his picture.