october 14th, 2013 - 12:15am

dear abby

blazavich - i am still head over feet for a man named jeb blazavich.

now, i've been turned on by football players in the past - josh lane, matthew muchnok, tim tebow - but blazavich really gets my jaw dropping. wow. i have never fallen so hard for any football player...so hard and so long, he's still on my mind, abby

blazavich may not like rape, i'm sure rape is not anything good to someone like blazavich, but i would love to play little rape games in the sack. i'd rape blazavich, we'd get all hot and sweaty and tired out. hopefully, i'd also be raped by such a big and strong specimen of manhood - i love playing rape games with my hunky football players, abby

blazavich is just getting me so hot and bothered let me quote prince here, "i'm not saying this just to be nasty, but i sincerely wanna fuck the taste out of your mouth".

that's tonight's blurb on blazavich.