this picture came from the "adam4adam" gay hookup site. now, stating that curiosity makes your dick hard is only saying that a lack of unquestioning knowledge of one specific gender is what makes your dick hard. hmn...when nobody is born with any sense of knowledge about anything, the curiosity that makes your dick hard has to be something that develops over time and by a lack of unquestioning knowledge.

in any gay "man" exists a lack of masculine esteem and a lack of masculine self-confidence. this is because the gay "man" is not "sold" on his state of man being legitimate, and the illegitimacy or self-inadequacy felt is justified by the gay "man" expressing his desires when he's feeling alone: "i need a man".

how can a gay-hookup site be doing such harm to gay "men" by harming their esteem and suggesting that they are a bunch of blind masculivoids searching to understand masculine identity?