"We found that individuals who consumed large quantities of sparkling water or diet soda would gain at precisely the same rate as a full-time beer guzzler. It's not just the sugar or carbohydrate content, it's the quantity of carbonation."

"According to Lejeggier, the bubbles in carbonated beverages act as a catalyst when ingested into the intestinal tract, causing usually dormant "storage enzymes" to activate. The storage enzymes function much like worker ants in an anthill, diligently gathering ingested substances and packing them away in the belly and thighs in the form of fat. In the absence of carbonation, the storage enzymes remain inert".

the fat's in the fizz

i had just bought a "soda-stream" drink-carbonating machine to carbonate kool-aid sweetened with stevia...a 0 calorie soda free of harmful sweeteners such as sucralose and aspertame. i love kool-aid as soda. i drank it all of the time. until i read the above-linked article.

curses, foiled again! i am not drinking as much of my homemade soda as i was, and i am annoyed that i can't drink it like it's as harmless as water.

when i don't have to change into my scuba-suit, i will be playing in the pool and burning calories that way. i have a spare bicycle-tire, if you know what i mean.

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