laughter. how i make myself laugh with the things that i do. i was just google-searching "jagged little" followed by anything, just to see if there'd be a link to my site. i ran into my "edge shaving gel can in ass" pic and i broke out into giggles. i was taken by surprise. i am pretty sure an old man said "you're crazy" to me as i was mourning the loss of my gambling money in the sauna. i said those words after he started the conversation by saying that he had to go to work, i didn't care what he was doing but i kept the conversation going just to be cordial. i told him i was mourning the loss of my gambling money, i said "i stared at the atm but i just couldn't take any more out," he didn't respond so i brought my legs up and sat in the fetal position (sheldon cooper?) - then he grumbles something and he leaves. i am sure he said "you're crazy," and i will soon write a letter of complaint to the casino.

i figure he had more to go on than just the incident in the sauna. i guess i am semi-infamous thanks to google. "jagged little casino" is one of many ways to see some essays i have written which relate to the casino/resort we were using the sauna at. maybe he saw some and maybe that's why he said i was crazy, though i like the term "eccentric" to describe myself.

laughter. how i make myself laugh with the things that i do. i am never bored because i never leave my side. i have been driving like alanis morissette in the "ironic" video 2 or 3 years before "ironic" came out. jumping around in my pool with 80s/90s music on, jumping and swimming and weightlifting and singing. i am not crazy, i am content...i am more than that, i am competent and able to depend on me for laughs and for surprises and for excitement.

wow, i think i should do a parody of bryan adams' "depend on me" song that came from his 1991 or 1992 release, waking up the neighbors. i was trying to keep myself from going into the casino, so i hung out in the sauna. i don't like the gym there, it is small and seems crowded with 5 people in it. the gym i go to regularly is huge and never has more than 5 or 10 people in the weight-rooms when i go. i actually did stare at the atm machine with so much temptation to take money out. i never did...well i took money out, but not once i was telling myself "no".

"darling, i AM mr. sheffield" - that's what maxwell's brother (nigel) said to fran when she said "it's hard to believe you two are brothers, you're nothing like mr.sheffield". "darling, i AM mister sheffield". i AM fun.

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