matthew muchnok and josh lane

it wasn't "infatuation at first sight" for no reason, i was so turned on by matthew muchnok because (in my eyes) he was josh lane. he was big and strong, a footballl stud and...well, i don't know if he's hairy-chested like josh was.

"such a perfect specimen of manhood," said dr. frank-n-furter.

josh was a year above me in high school, but it is 2013 and the internet has him at 44. i am 39. he must've been five years older than me in high school, which would explain the reasons for my seeing him as the epitome of masculinity. matt, i guess, is around 22 or 23...i am pretty sure he graduated college a year or two ago. i love them both...and not (necessarily) in a sexual way.

as i have said before, i will always have the highest esteem and respect for mr. joshua lane. if he didn't give me a good talking to about self-love and masculine self-respect, i am sure i wouldn't be doing this anti-gay website.

as for matt, well, as i've stated in my parody of "father figure," let me say this: "and i'm only the one to hump dudes if they're josh lane-like". ha.