a google headline:

Kevin Smith Gets Life Sentence For Rape And Murder of 13-Year ...

kevin smith? of clerks fame? the one from "view askew," whose associates (brian o'halloran and some "clerks" girl, at least) i met with about my own screenplay in 1996? he is in jail?!

oh, that's not the same kevin smith. my mistake. i guess that names aren't exclusive, and that names don't necessarily refer to just one person. there can be many environmentalists named abby, as well as many policevaginas named laurel. what gives a policevagina the right to bring me to court for using "her" name to post comments via a facebook-account i created?

what gives a policeman the gall to suggest "identity theft" in such a matter? i'm sure kevin smith from "view askew productions" is not going to bring kevin smith the murderer to court for having the same name. would he file charges against anyone who writes online about kevin smith the murderer?

in the immortal words of macaulay culkin, "iiiiiiiiiiiiii don't think so".

yes, i am sure to like anyone named abby upon meeting them...well, really! that's no way to behave on your first DAY out!

dylan terreri, i

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