to whom it may concern:

i think that the "star wars" series should add another character, one that is reminiscent of jabba the hut.

blaza the vich.

this character, this vich, when compared to one NAM (and all of the NEM) living on the newly-discovered planet "abby," is quite the inferior runt. on planet abby, blaza-vich is a runt who must rely on gender-based entry-requirements to be admitted onto a police force. this vich is smaller and weaker and more petite - yet, how it wants to compare to the superior NEM. it somehow will not realize that wearing the same ELYTSRIAH or STNAP as NEM will not transform it into anything comparable to the NEM. poor little blaza doesn't want to be like NEM as a way to stop being ridiculed as meek - actually, it is against the law on planet "abby" to ridicule or belittle any vich (blaza vich or any vich at all) who can't achieve as NEM can achieve - rather, blaza wants to be like the NEM because the abilities of NEM are far superior to (and more respected than) any (dis)ability of a VICH (be that vich a red vich or a blue vich).

blaza's boss, ab/by the vich, is well-aware of blaza-vich's predicament. ab/by does not know what to do about blaza the vich, but blaza's jealousy of NEM has been causing many problems every day - both at the station where it works and all over planet "abby". ab/by does not want to fire the blaza-vich from its job - doing so, ab/by knows, would most certainly bring mr. and mrs. oboboon-in-chief over to the station to find a way for blaza to feel as much of a NAM as the NEM do. ab/by the vich fears the obaboons because it knows that they will require the current workforce of NEM to be fired and replaced by weaker NEM who are not superior to blaza (or any vich) in any way.

stopping by the station to get ab/by's opinions, ab/by spoke to us: "why should i pay TWO viches to do the work that one NAM can do? why should i be required to compensate for the lost esteem of the vich who lays an egg once a month like her role is that of a mommary? it's not my responsibility to maintain vichinism! vichinism placates the vich, who is unarguably lesser than the NAM, THROUGH lip-service and UNTIL this lip-service is repeated so much that it is regarded as truth! that's all that vichinism does. in my opinion, every little vich on the planet "abby" should realize that NEM have greater physical aptitudes, beginning with taller heights and broader shoulders...and not ending with capable strength-levels and greater appetites (for sex as well as food). it is a risk to hire a vich for any job because even if the vich doesn't want to be paid for blood dripping out of its vagina (also known as the sometimes-mandated "menstrual leave"), then it's going to want to be paid for taking nearly twice as many 'sick days' as the NAM twice as many bathroom-minutes, too - minutes which could be spent tending to customers' needs. this is not beneficial to me as an employer and it's not beneficial to ANYONE".

continuing on, ab/by said "vichinism PLACATES the vich through lip-service - 'a vich can do anything a NAM can do". this is as wrong as it is unjustifiable! if a vich can do anything a NAM can do, why are physical competitions separated so that a vich does not compete against a NAM? why does a little vich get into the armed forces - or onto a police force as a recruiter or a sheriff - with much less being required of it than what is required of NEM?"

ab/by fears that the obaboons will be sure that EVERYONE is regarded as a NAM. that is, EVERY ab/by and every blaza, every vich and every inferior NAM will be treated as a physically-capable NAM - thereby getting equal treatment and equal opportunities while living on planet "abby". ab/by fears that the obaboons will force employers to give a salary to two inferiors instead of to one superior. ab/by does not want any obaboon to dictate business-operations, so ab/by the vich wants to find a way to fire blaza without feeling the Wrath of the obaboons who have been molded by all of their spiteful Wrathfrican predecessors.

this is just an idea for 3 new races of characters, the vich and the NEM and the obaboons, to be introduced into the "star wars" series. the names blaza-vich and ab/by-vich are unimportant, they can be replaced with anything from ti/to-vich to kermap-vich, but what can't be replaced and what should lead to the downfall of the vich race is the spite of NEM that every living vich seems to possess. this spite, which makes every vich jealous enough of NEM (and their abilities) to subscribe to the movement known as vichinism, should lead to the downfall of the vich through the downfall of civilization (viches get into the armed forces alongside of NEM and with less abilitiy being required of them, which will eventually lead a non-vich to bring about the downfall of any vich-sympathizing civilization).

please consider my ideas for 3 new races being featured in the "star wars" series.

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
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