i am very grateful that my mom dedicated so much time to finding the best lawyer after i was almost killed in a car wreck in 1990. after graduation in 1992, i was in no shape to move on with my life, so i stayed at home. it was in january of 1996 that i finally moved out, so i didn't see much of my family for a while.

by 2005, we were closer to each other. my earliest memory of her showing resistance to my spending money came in 2008, when i was getting a greenhouse built around my pool, but i get resistance a lot. for everything - my having gotten 3 dogs as pets, the greenhouse, even when she wants me to get a financial planner. "the money you get every month is okay, but it's nothing great - you should get a financial planner for when you get your next lump sum," she said.

it seems that every time we are together, driving to a restaurant, we get into an argument about something related to either money or the way i am. i remember being told that my house is too big, that i have too many dogs, that it wouldn't hurt to go to some kind of brain-injury rehabilitation (she said that just yesterday when it's been over 20 years since the trauma). it was actually a little strange, because "layla" was on the radio as we were going to the restaurant yesterday. "darlin, won't you leave my worries mine," that's how i thought the song went. i wish mom would leave my worries mine and not try to take responsibility for me.

she complains that i have lights on around my house all of the time. they are actually supposed to go out at night, but they don't and i never tried to fix them. i told her that they're fluorescent lights that don't cost a lot to run, i can't imagine what she'd say if she saw my house at night. i have around fifteen lights shining "all night long," to take a song by lionel richie.

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