i have given up on listening to talk radio while i am in my room and working on my website, largely because i can't stand the feminized mentalities of any man who refers himself and other men with the word "guys".

instead of talk radio, i listen to a playlist of "the nanny" that is on youtube - i just minimize the youtube window. i still hear "guys" more often that i'd like, but not as much as i did on talk radio.

men have so much more going for them, members of the lesser gender do not deserve to be regarded with such a proper word as "women" - unless you pronounce it as "womb n" and belittle the female gender as a bunch of wombs. :)

men are of the taller gender, the broader gender, the stronger gender. they can eat more, they're so rarely the victims of domestic violence, they don't bleed eggs or spurt milk as if they're all meant to nurture the fruit of their wombs.

i don't like to listen to talk radio because everyone from limbaugh to hannity to beck, they all placate the lesser gender by regarding them as more competent than men. that offends me because men are born with more physical aptitude to make them more competent.

so i lsten to "the nanny" while i work. not while i write, i need silence so that i can think of what to write, but i listen when i'm posting advertisements on facebook or on manhunt. i'm going to turn it on right now, actually, cuz i'm done with this blurb.

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