i wrote this to someone on manhunt.net - which i use to market my website
hello again. "two inches to a yard, rock-hard of if it's sagging, i ain't too proud to beg". but, "two inches to a yard, rock-hard or if it's sagging," i'm not likely to find myself actively "chasing waterfalls" (or men) anywhere but online. someone just sent me a message like he's really interested in meeting...i was going to write a note like the one i am writing to you, but i didn't.

the truth is, i don't really have any intention of meeting anyone. yesterday, i told someone online that, though i used to do it, i think that making plans to meet strangers for sex is goofy. i think that making plans to meet strangers for anything is goofy.

maybe i should put this on my profile so people don't assume that i'm wanting to get laid. i spend most of my time online, so i basically just like to chat - i'm not saying that meeting face-to-face will never happen, but i am a bit eccentric...and "not interested in the opinions of company of others" is but one characteristic of eccentrics that i have (i have a bunch of others, i got this list from an online encyclopedia: - i put it on my jagged little dyl website because...though i don't know if "that's so raven," i certainly can say "that's so dylan" when i look at it: http://jaggedlittledyl.com/sitepics/eccntric.jpg

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now