hello. "the nanny" ended, i didn't start another episode, i'm just doodling

today, i am terreri. i usually go by dylan terreri, i. that's dylan terreri, the first. but today, i am terreri

terreri just had a vision of scott cariddi, the fall play director at delaware valley regional high school, sternly yellling his name. "TERRERI"

terreri writes about so many things that irk him. and he makes a mockery of them, usually by making a mockery of himself

terreri learned today that the pennsylvania state-flower is the mountain laurel

terreri isn't really interested in flowers. he's not interested in nature, only in gay-bashing and feminist-bashing on his website


terreri isn't a flowery hippy-liberal, he has never voted for a liberal, yet you'd think he is a liberal because he is a masculivoid - a masculivoid is another word for a gay "man" or a gay male. when a man's gender is only below (and not under) his belt

masturbation suits terreri just fine, porn suits terreri just fine, and it sure saves a lot of time. human bodies are offensive, not just poo and odor, just gawking in reverence at a human body makes terreri feel stupid and naive. out-of-touch

terreri used to have a bigger nose and a nasal voice. doctor guarino in allentown gave him plastic surgery and did something to his cleft palate. he still is nasal at times.

terreri has never run in a race or a marathon. terreri was never much of a sportsman, he was always skinny and weak and jealous of sportsmens' abilities - sportsmen were quite a taboo for him. he longed to be accepted by them, but he was always ashamed to try to be like them. it wasn't until he started to realize the man in himself, that he started shying away from homosexuality. it wasn't until he saw in other men, his own sweaty armpits and sweaty balls and sweaty ass-crack, that he started to be turned off by the idea of being naked and intimate with other masculivoids.

terreri spends most of his time swimming. he wears a scuba-suit in his pool from november until march. he doesn't swim anywhere but his pool. he doesn't go on vacation, no beach or seashore, and he doesn't belong to a ymca either with or without a pool.

terreri spends most of his time writing material for his website. terreri.com has always been unavailable to buy, so dylanterreri.com is his website.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now