here are a bunch of songs i've written regarding mr. josh lane:
it hit me like a hammer   no son of mine   true blue   father figure   is there something i should know   lost in your eyes  
i could not send this to josh lane's facebook page. i have no problem remembering what happened between me and josh, but who knows if he remembers...why would he keep that day as sacred as i have if it was just another day for him. so, i did not send it...but i'm posting it on my site because i post everything i write. oh, by the way, now that i didn't send the letter to him...the email address i mentioned will not ignore my spam filters. the email address may even be deleted. no more lollipops for you.
hello, mister lane. your mission, should you choose to accept, is to answer a question. i have a question which was given to me while writing (yet another) song parody i did genesis' "no son of mine" ("he sat me down to talk to me, he looked me straight in the eye, he said 'you're no son, you're no son of mine'"). my memory of you sliding your sunglasses down your nose to look at me eye-to-eye spawned that parody). here is my question: the night you were taking me to see terminator 2 (or was it naked gun 2 1/2), the night you told me to change the way i was so that i wasn't always apologizing for my scrawny little self, did you ever want to hang out with me or did you just agree to because you had empathy for me and my...ordeal? was i a star-struck little bimbo to even speak to you? if you had never signed those "get well" posters that the school sent to me in the hospital, i would never have had the guts to approach someone like josh lane.

if you don't remember and don't want to answer, i guess it's fine, but if you're a little untrusting then - well, i do have the utmost respect for you and everything you said that night. i have made it my life, registered in '99 and registered in '00. three parodies i've done just this month ("it hit me like a hammer" and "no son of mine" and "true blue") are all you. you did hit me like a hammer - i have these words on one of my domains: "this site is dedicated to josh lane and madonna - i am because of you both".

so, did you ever want to hang out with me or did you just agree to out of empathy and pity? it's kind of related to the "no son of mine" parody. please send something like a response to my email address, seeing as i have a lot of facebook accounts and i don't read mail on any of them. i hate facebook, it's not a very good marketing tool. if you'd choose to accept this mission, i'll be sure to have mail going to not go through any of my filters and just go right to my inbox. and if you answer the question and don't want me to email back, just tell me. (or if you want to hang up the phone like you did way-back-when, i guess it won't slap me in the face as much now...unless you'd send a letter saying "fuck you" to me. that'd really hurt. hmn, maybe i shouldn't give you any ideas.


ps, the picture of the one couple where the lady's cracking up and the man seems to be stifling his laughter, that's a good one.

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