(the tongue-in-cheek intro)
if you're not all the man you need...     ...good luck filling anyone else's void

welcome to my "botched joke," aka john kerry-esque.  since 1999, the summer of pie

cuz if carrie underwood sings her homage to the first and fifth deadly sins right after "jesus take the wheel"...

...i'll also justify my pride and anger by singing MY homage to violence against people who don't have values like mine.

no, i am not islamic...but carrie underwood just may be.  before she schemes (the "some girls deserve it" song)

if she treats marriage with as much contempt as she treats the stronger gender and jesus' name, that's one unhappy hubby.

i'm not even considering her likely "my body, my choice" notions...whether they deal with abortion or euthanasia.

without the sanctities of gender, god, marriage, birth and death...are the hallmarks of liberalism.
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